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3 Steps to Success: Raise the Bar When Exhibiting at Your Next Trade Show

updated 25 June 2019 Planning – Implementation – Follow-up Participating in a trade fair is a smart thing to do! After all, it is hard to think of any other setting in which the customer practically falls right into the company’s lap, so to speak. If only it were that easy. The companies that get […]

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15 Tips to Get the Most out of Your Next Trade Show

As we know, successful trade fair participation consists of three important parts: planning, implementation and follow up. These are placed logically before, during and after the fair, and the importance of none of those should be underestimated. Here are some exhibition tips to get the most out of your next trade show. BEFORE Plan your […]

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7 Common Trade Show Mistakes [Infographic]

Exhibition participation can either turn out to be a massive waste of time and money, or it can provide amazing opportunities. “The thing” is to plan everything well, so set your goals and objectives and…. avoid the most common trade show mistakes. Here are 7 Common Trade Show Mistakes to avoid at your next event:   […]

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15 Reasons why companies fail at the exhibitions

Exhibiting at a trade fair is a big investment, which often takes up a considerable portion of a company’s marketing budget. This is why you will want to make it worth every penny. 15 possible points of failure to avoid: 1 – WRONG EXHIBITION Choose the exhibition that helps your company to meet its brand […]

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“All trade fair preparations” dissected – what do we really do?

I have spent the past five months working as a Project Coordinator at Wulff Entre. Before I started this job, I was often asked what a project coordinator actually does. My answer was based on what I had read on the company website and blog, and it was something like this: “I help companies with […]

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Four tips for preparing your trade fair participation

Exhibiting at a trade fair is typically a big marketing investment, so once you have decided to do that, you will want to make sure you get the most out of it. Below we have listed four easy, no-cost ways that can help you get significantly more out of your participation. 1. Pre-booked meetings Be active […]

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Good planning is half the battle

Face-to-Face marketing is the most powerful way to collect leads and convert them into sales, but as we know: you must always know what you are doing and what you are looking for. Like in every business, good planning is halfway to success. When you have chosen the exhibition you want to participate in, this […]

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Successful exhibiting – key ingredients

At the exhibition is great to have great graphics or the most spectacular stand ever seen, but what makes you really successful is the famous king: content. You will need to think, innovate, reject some of the ideas, think again, plan, train, plan again, and so on. Face-to-face marketing is incredibly powerful way to collect leads […]

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