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Written by Wulff Entre

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updated 25 June 2019

Planning – Implementation – Follow-up

Participating in a trade fair is a smart thing to do! After all, it is hard to think of any other setting in which the customer practically falls right into the company’s lap, so to speak. If only it were that easy. The companies that get the MOST from their investment are the ones with a CLEAR PLAN.

Making the first contact is the hardest part of generating new business, and that is why taking part in trade fairs is so beneficial! You are face-to-face with thousands of prospects in your target market, what better way is there to boost your sales?

The exhibition environment gives potential customers the chance to observe your products and services through all of their senses. The most successful exhibition stands not only leave a lasting impression but make your brand memorable.

However, your mere presence at the trade show is not enough. The key to success is comprehensive pre-event planning, which forms the basis for a smooth implementation. It is also important, not to forget post-event follow-up and monitoring, because otherwise, it is impossible to know whether your goals have been met. Information obtained through your follow-up will have a central role when you begin to plan for your next trade show.

3 key phases for exhibition success

Trade Show Planning

Planning starts with thinking about what products and services your company wants to present at the trade show. Then, what goals and objective you want to achieve.

  • How many new leads do you want to obtain per day?
    • How many are possible based on visitor numbers and your target audience?
    • How many meetings can you schedule beforehand?
  • What competitive or industry insights do you hope to obtain?

Once you have your goals and target market sorted out, then you can jump into tactics, how you will accomplish those goals and reach your target market.

  • Choosing the best exhibition to reach your selected target market (when, where, who). If you are not sure which show is right for your company, we can help!
  • A trade show display that supports your company brand
  • Project management in-house or outside help – managing contacts, adhering to contracts
  • Who should man your stand? The best option is not necessarily the person who knows the most about the product, but the one who will make the prospect fall in love with it.
  • Lead gathering tactics, responsiveness plan
  • Onsite engagement activities
  • Supporting digital/social media marketing

Looking to get better ROI?

Looking to exhibit in a more sustainable way?


determine the target group - choose the right trade show. think about what kind of image you want to communicate about your company


Implement the Plan: Onsite at the Exhibition

If planning has been done carefully, the implementation will go smoothly. We are here to support you. Take care to keep to the timetable, as this will ensure everything happens according to the schedule. There will always be last minute things, so the more you do beforehand, the better.

Trade show travel checklist

7 common trade show mistakes


Follow-up After the Trade Show

After the fair, it is advisable to look back carefully on what was achieved. How to measure your ROI can be found here.

Make sure that you follow up on all your leads so that your time and money invested in the participation will not be in vain. Don’t forget to add your new contacts to your CRM, LinkedIn and try to be in contact with as many as possible, as soon as possible! Visitors receive so much information during an exhibition that may not remember much afterward. Therefore, a prompt, personalized follow-up is the best way to make sales.


Did you reach your exhibiting goals and targets?

Did you get as many new leads as you had planned? If you were behind your goals, we can help you figure out what went wrong or how to improve next time!

Trade shows are A LOT of work to get the most out of them. Need some extra hands to help you with it all? We are here to support you: from strategy, show selection, competitive analysis, a stand that supports your brand and goals, project management, onsite engagement tactics – just let us know how we can help!



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