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multi-company stands 

Joint stand = Joint forces.

Do you have a group of like-minded companies and are looking to save money and time? Let us help you. We are an experienced provider of joint stand solutions and can make your life easier!

Joining forces at the leading international trade shows offer an unparalleled opportunity to stimulate business together, around the world, at an affordable price. Whether this is your first time exhibiting, or you are a seasoned trade show veteran, joint stands are a stress-free way to gain exposure.

Join forces when it makes sense.

We have coordinated multi-company stands for several countries, industries, and clients around the world. Whether you are a party of two or a hundred, we can help!

Global Connections & Experience

Wulff Entre has been supporting companies around the world at the leading fairs for decades. One of the longest running shows we have supported is SMM! Our vast experience with international organizers, venues, countries, and cultures.

Our multi-company stands provide exhibitors with an extensive array of opportunities for effective networking, discovering business opportunities and offer valuable competitor insights.

Project Management

We have the tools and experience to ensure your exhibition runs smoothly and stress-free, keeping you in the loop along the way with online tools that can assist from anywhere in the world. Let our dedicated project team handle all of those little details so that you can focus on the most important thing, your return on investment!

Space Reservations

Pre-reserved space reservations are often negotiated years in advance and available on a first-come, first-serve basis – it’s never too early to secure the best location for your stand!

Stand Design & Construction

We will take care of the pavilion design, and customize your stand to meet your individual needs to showcase your brand. Construction will be locally sourced, and the pricing package also includes some individual and group stand amenities.

Onsite Events & Marketing

Onsite events and marketing are specific to the show and included in our pavilion pricing packages, further details are available upon request. We can write press releases and take care of circulation to international media. We also handle arrangements for onsite parties, catering, and bookings.

OTC 2018

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Hannover Messe 2017

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Top Joint Stand Benefits:

  1. We reserve space often years in advance to ensure the best positioning possible on the show floor to provide the best visibility.
  2. Onsite events can also be coordinated, such as networking events, or a platform for live speakers to demonstrate, hold Q&A sessions or share knowledge, cocktail parties, and other activities to draw in the crowds.
  3. Discover new industry trends, network, and create new business partnerships along with your country or industry peers where there is strength in numbers.
  4. Large pavilions generally include conference rooms to network privately and lounge space for a coffee or a break from the crowds.
  5. We have local qualified experts to provide onsite services, local material sourcing, translating, photography, catering and more!
  6. With decades of experience, we are familiar with all the ins and outs of the hall, organizers and their requirements.

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