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International exhibitions are mostly on hold. This challenging situation will last for a while. When we return to exhibitions, it won’t be exactly the same as before.

BtoB buying and selling went from exhibitions and face-to-face meetings to webinars and Teams-meetings within days. That´s not good enough in all cases.

The entire charisma of a sales professional is often needed. Showing or demoing a product or a service in a physical environment. A personal conversation. Involvement and new experiences. Combining the physical with digital. Enabling buying experience on a level that customers can’t even imagine yet.




The customer experience improves if we design and build a exhibition stand on the premises of the marketer company. The customers arrive to visit remotely. Products and services being sold are there, present.

Our digital platform and easy-to-use interface make operating this concept both smooth and secure.

Exhibition On Demand -concept enables high-quality meetings with one decision maker, a few buyers or even a large group of clients so that a real, physical product and its qualities can be demonstrated. 52 weeks a year.

At all times, exactly when the customer has the need for meeting you.

This concept is part of a larger narrative. A development journey filled with risks and opportunities. Change with enormous speed. Below you can find viewpoints to the first chapters of this journey, in the form of a business fairytale.

We at Wull Entre enable high-quality customer meetings in the new normal. Always in a real environment, enhanced by digital content.

On Demand.

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