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Written by Wulff Entre

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When looking for solutions to extreme conditions is good to rely on people who knows the facts; Finnish Arctic Excellence provides the whole production chain from design to implementation in what comes to the icebreakers and arctic expertise.
The Finnish Maritime Cluster is renowned for its expertise and know-how in designing, constructing and servicing vessels and marine technologies for demanding applications; especially in the ice-going conditions of the Arctic Ocean. As a consequence, Finnish companies have developed extensive experience in all aspects of the arctic maritime industry – ranging from designing high-tech propulsion systems to designing and building sturdy ice-reinforced vessels to operating powerful multi-purpose icebreakers on a global scale.
Introduction of the Double Acting concept (DAS™) reduced the needed power on ice going vessels and enabled efficient and independent operation in heavy ice conditions a good example of this is Norilsk Nikel’s double acting ship MV Monchegorsk, which was the first vessel to sail through the Northern Sea route without icebreaking assistance. Majority of the large high ice class vessels are using the double acting principle.
Another recent example of the products of the Cluster is the oblique icebreaking multi-purpose oil recovery vessel Baltika that was designed, built and equipped by Finnish companies. This revolutionary vessels features a number of new Finnish inventions, ranging from the vessel’s oblique concept to the propulsion technology and the oil recovery technology.
The Finnish pioneers of arctic expertise can be found at the A 119 stand at ATC 2015 Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark from 23rd to 25th March.
The stand design and all practical arrangements have been made by Wulff Entre.

Exhibiting companies:

ABB has developed Azipod® thrusters and electrical propulsion system that it refines, delivers and services for icebreakers, ice-going cargo vessels and other vessels with stringent ice-classes.
Arctech Helsinki Shipyard represents world-class quality in the design and construction of especially built reinforced icebreaking vessels.
Arctia Shipping is focused on providing special multi-purpose vessel services, icebreaking, international shipping, icebreaking and oil recovery services. The Arctia Shipping fleet includes three powerful multi-purpose icebreaking vessels, a dedicated oil recovery vessel and four traditional icebreakers.
Aker Arctic Technology develops and designs solutions for arctic logistics and offshore industry. The company has a unique research facility with an ice basin where the research and development on vessels, harbours and sea transportation is carried out in laboratory and field conditions.
Steerprop designs and develops steerable azimuth propulsors with a particular emphasis on ice-reinforced products for the demanding conditions of the Arctic Ocean.


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