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Written by Wulff Entre

Wulff Entre Ltd. provides a completely stress-free solution for all local or international trade show needs. We are trade show specialists providing expertise, stand design, and project management services to help our customers save time and effortlessly reach their goals.

More and more we are asked by our customers how can we help them be more eco-friendly at the trade show. Sustainability is not a fad, it is becoming increasingly important to address the issue. It requires a shift in the way we may be used to doing things and therefore takes active thought and time to explore options of how. You could just recycle and call yourself a green company, but to truly mean it and embrace it requires more strategy and creativity.

If you desire to truly embrace sustainability in your company culture, then logically that should include your trade show participation. Trade shows are known to produce a massive amount of waste with 600,000 tons of trash produced every year. If we think about the environmental impact of trade shows, it also encompasses our travel, stand construction, accommodations, shipping, catering and other necessary aspects.

Doing so will not solely benefit you by the positive impact you will contribute to our environment, but give you a leg up on your competition. By building sustainability practices not just into your processes and products, you will also be demonstrating it on the trade show floor.

We are happy to help you make a difference.

Here are a few things we can do individually, and together, that will make your next exhibition more sustainable.

  1. Digital project communication – Microsoft Teams / Skype / Google Hangouts / WhatsApp
  2. Eliminate print when possible and go digital when possible
    • Use recycled paper for print materials: flyers, brochures, pamphlets – as well as boxes and packaging
    • Use water-based inks, low or no VOC paints, nylon-free banners, bamboo, post-consumer recycled plastics
  3. Energy-efficient LED lights instead of incandescent or halogens – switch off electronics when not in use to save on electricity
  4. Booth freight – using local construction providers, consolidate shipments (light & tightly packed)
  5. In addition to the trash bin, add separate recycle bins to your stand
  6. Catering partners – choose an environmentally conscious menu that is seasonal, local and organic
  7. Replace the need for plastic water bottles with water stations (bigger stands or pavilions)
  8. Staff transportation – the aviation industry accounts for 2% of all CO2 emissions. Airline companies like Finnair and KLM have been thinking about these issues and developed a plan for action.
  9. Eco-friendly hotels (green seal, green key, green globe or LEED)
  10. Recycle, reuse or donate elements of the display – not a traditional way of doing things in EU

This is just a start.

We are committed to sustainability as the first in our industry to have joined the UN Global Compact. Read more here >

If you are looking for new and creative ways to make your exhibition more environmentally friendly, we can help! Contact us today to get started. We are happy to brainstorm with you on creative ways to help you be more eco-friendly at the fair and stand out from your competition!



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