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Written by Wulff Entre

Wulff Entre Ltd. provides a completely stress-free solution for all local or international trade show needs. We are trade show specialists providing expertise, stand design, and project management services to help our customers save time and effortlessly reach their goals.

WE Team Spotlight

Wulff Entre is made up of an incredibly talented, creative and dedicated team who takes pride in their work. We are a diverse bunch, with many varying backgrounds, languages, talents and a real passion for what we do. This week’s feature is Lina Firon, Export Manager.

This Month’s Feature: Lina Firon

  • What is your role at Wulff Entre?

I´ve been working as an Export Manager at WE for 3 years.

  • Describe your job with only 4 words.

Constant curiosity for people.

  • What languages do you speak?

Swedish, Finnish, English, German, and very little Hungarian

  • What is your favorite thing about your work?

This is an easy one – definitely constantly getting to meet different people, trying to understand their point of view, and how I best could help them out with the services we offer. Having great colleagues who I can be my absolute self with is naturally also a strong plus!

  • I have learned to never forget _____________ when going to a trade show. Please elaborate why.

I have learned to never forget comfortable shoes for the buildup time, a bottle of water, wet-wipes, and an emergency snack when going to a trade show. The days might be long, and in the middle of all the excitement, it´s easy to forget to stay hydrated, which is really important, especially if you want to keep a smile on your face for many days in a row. Also, I recommend using a backpack to carry around all these things.

  • Are trade shows really worth attending?

If you offer services, quality, are looking for long term relationships with customers, or getting business means that you need to gain peoples trust, then the answer would be a definite YES! There is no other way to have so many face-to-face meetings in such a short period of time, with people from one specific industry.

  • What is something surprising about our industry that you have discovered?

I´ve been really lucky to have had the possibility to work in very different industries and with people from a lot of different countries. This is probably not a big surprise to anyone involved in exports, but even though there might be quite big cultural differences in how to communicate and do business with different people, people are still quite similar when it comes to worries and hopes related to work and successful trade show planning. Humans are human no matter where they come from, even though they way expressing thoughts and communicating might differ.

  • What is something you have seen recently that really drew in the crowds at an exhibition?

Salespeople in a good mood that really shows that they enjoy working at the stand, and also have fun while doing so. Also, ice-cream is usually a big success…

  • What are the most common mistakes you see companies make over and over again?

Argh, this is something that irritates me at every show; companies not using the exhibition time properly, and instead having the stand crew working on their laptops/phones at the stand during the event, totally ignoring possible leads walking by their stand.

  • How can small companies keep up with larger businesses at the show?

When planning your stand, knowing what your own strengths are compared to your competitors is the key to being able to make stand that really supports you. Also, having an active staff clearly proud of what you do, is the key to getting the right valuable contacts at the show.

  • A food I like that everyone else hates…

This is a bit embarrassing to confess, but going to the close by cafeteria, half my portion might consist of mashed potatoes…. I just simply love mashed potatoes.

  • My biggest inspiration in life is…

Definitely the following three things: people around me, humor (and cat-videos!) and nature. I especially enjoy watching funny birds in urban environments. It’s amazing what crows, seagulls and magpies can be up to, when following their moves for a while.

  • Do you know the concept of horse-whispering?

As a kid I used to spend a lot of time in the barn with milk-cows that my relatives had. I would sing to the cows and they really enjoyed that, almost seeming a bit hypnotized. Maybe I am a cow-whisperer?

Lina Firon
Export Manager
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