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Beating the Stereotype: Are Salespeople Greedy People?

People working in sales might often be associated with money-grubbing salesmen or saleswomen, with dollar signs glimmering in their eyes while negotiating a potential deal. After several years of working in sales, I’ve had to face this prejudice many times and deal with being identified as one of these “greedy salespeople”. Am I greedy, just […]

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To visit or to exhibit, that is the question!

In my last blog post I shared my thoughts on whether it is a good idea, when sales are lagging, to cut down on your marketing budget and skip trade fairs, or whether it might be smarter to step up a gear and go out to actively seek more sales.  Sometimes a company does decide to […]

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Cut from trade fairs = cut from the sales?

Our work is interesting in the sense that due to our constant interaction with Finnish export companies, we get to hear the latest news from each industry practically in real time. The global economic downturn has its impact on Finland, and this has caused many companies to seek ways to cut costs and make their […]

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A wasteful investment – NOT

A couple of days ago, my Twitter network was momentarily absorbed in discussing the importance of trade fairs for a company’s marketing objectives. Surprisingly many were of the opinion that the whole thing is a sheer waste of money. In addition, many hinted that taking part in a trade fair signals dullness, stupidity, lack of imagination, and what […]

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In search for better trade fair leads

While surfing the internet, I recently ran into a blog post with a conspicuous title: ”For sale: RUBBISH LEADS, à 100€”. The post discussed, among all, the fact that a badly planned trade fair participation often ends up being a wasteful investment. Quite naturally, one might say. It’s the contents that counts, both online and […]

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