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Marketing Internationally, How to Exhibit in a Foreign Country?

Trade show exhibiting is no easy task, much less trying to coordinate it overseas. As an American Marketing person, I have had a backstage pass with American companies exhibiting in America, and now for companies exhibiting in Finland and abroad. I understand how intimidating it can be when you are tasked with making arrangements in […]

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Exhibiting Internationally? Are Your IPRs: Trademarks, Designs, Patents and Copyrights Protected Overseas?

Protect your IPRs when exhibiting internationally. Before participating in an international exhibition, it is essential to make sure that you are aware of the IPRs (Intellectual Property Rights) that you or your company owns and intend to showcase. IPRs include trademarks, designs, copyright, utility models or patents. Your IPRs are only effective in the country or […]

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How to Solve the ROI Mystery with a Little Trade Show Planning

After months trade show planning, decision-making, traveling and shaking hands… was it worth it? A successful trade show can bring you tons of solid leads from decision-makers, strengthen your brand and provide you with great industry knowledge, but will it bring all the results you were hoping for? The only way to tell for sure is with […]

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15 Tips to Get the Most out of Your Next Trade Show

As we know, successful trade fair participation consists of three important parts: planning, implementation and follow up. These are placed logically before, during and after the fair, and the importance of none of those should be underestimated. Here are some exhibition tips to get the most out of your next trade show. BEFORE Plan your […]

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7 Common Trade Show Mistakes [Infographic]

Exhibition participation can either turn out to be a massive waste of time and money, or it can provide amazing opportunities. “The thing” is to plan everything well, so set your goals and objectives and…. avoid the most common trade show mistakes. Here are 7 Common Trade Show Mistakes to avoid at your next event:   […]

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To visit or to exhibit, that is the question!

In my last blog post I shared my thoughts on whether it is a good idea, when sales are lagging, to cut down on your marketing budget and skip trade fairs, or whether it might be smarter to step up a gear and go out to actively seek more sales.  Sometimes a company does decide to […]

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Cut from trade fairs = cut from the sales?

Our work is interesting in the sense that due to our constant interaction with Finnish export companies, we get to hear the latest news from each industry practically in real time. The global economic downturn has its impact on Finland, and this has caused many companies to seek ways to cut costs and make their […]

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Four tips for preparing your trade fair participation

Exhibiting at a trade fair is typically a big marketing investment, so once you have decided to do that, you will want to make sure you get the most out of it. Below we have listed four easy, no-cost ways that can help you get significantly more out of your participation. 1. Pre-booked meetings Be active […]

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A wasteful investment – NOT

A couple of days ago, my Twitter network was momentarily absorbed in discussing the importance of trade fairs for a company’s marketing objectives. Surprisingly many were of the opinion that the whole thing is a sheer waste of money. In addition, many hinted that taking part in a trade fair signals dullness, stupidity, lack of imagination, and what […]

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Good service is the best form of marketing

I am against narrow definitions of marketing and blind reliance on marketing mixes and SWOT analyses. Instead, I am all for a holistic, flexible concept of marketing which recognises the importance of a personal touch. Above all, I feel the function of marketing is certainly not to produce a beautiful coating to disguise a bad […]

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