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Written by Pauliina Sairanen

A good exhibition stand fulfills many objectives: it supports the exhibiting company’s goals, it is functional, and it draws attention. Not to forget that the stand should also portray the company’s brand in a meaningful way. All these ingredients together form a story, which the stand conveys to the trade fair visitors.
The major part of the value of an exhibition stand consists of design and project management, in other words, the preparatory work done long before the exhibition even begins. Only a fraction of the value comes from the physical stand construction and furniture choices.
It is the designer’s job to make the client’s brand stand out from the competition in the exhibition hall. Sure, you could simply ask us to make you a ”nice-looking stand”, but having it support your company’s brand, goals and objectives takes more time and effort. However, in addition to looking good the stand should be able to support both the company’s brand image, and also the specific goals and objectives set for the exhibition in question.
Based on these, the designer will create a story and weave it into the stand design for each market in a way that reflects your company and sets the stand apart from the competition.
Exhibiting at a trade fair is a big investment, which often takes up a considerable portion of a company’s marketing budget. This is why you will want to make it worth every penny by standing out from the crowd.

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