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Written by Wulff Entre

Wulff Entre Ltd. provides a completely stress-free solution for all local or international trade show needs. We are trade show specialists providing expertise, stand design, and project management services to help our customers save time and effortlessly reach their goals.

One important part of the turnkey service that Wulff Entre provides for its customers is the ”overall project management”, which comes along with the designing and construction of a trade fair stand. My own responsibilities fall under this category.
But what is actually behind this trendy phrase ”project management”, which nowadays seems to be found in every second job advertisement, and what added value does it create for our customers? Before I started work, I was not quite clear myself about what I had signed up for.

Who can do this most efficiently?

Looking at what our customers say, a theme that comes up frequently is that ”Using Wulff Entre’s services helped us save a lot of time, which we were then able to spend doing what we know best” – a clear connection with one of the first theories I was taught at a basic economics course, which says that when everyone concentrates on producing what they can produce more efficiently than others, and buys other products and services from those who can provide them most efficiently, this maximizes the overall efficiency and thereby creates more wealth for all.
Sure enough – having gradually familiarized myself with the work that our project managers do, I cannot help but wonder how much extra time someone not familiar with the business might have to spend just on digging up all the little details you might not come to think of, but which need to be attended to, let alone remember to take care of them all within the set deadlines.
How many kilowatt hours of electricity should I order for my stand? What kind of lighting would be most suitable, and who do I order it from? Who will attach the graphic I want on the wall and how, and how do I know it will look the way I intended it to? Are there any chances that our company can get subsidised for participating in this fair, and if so, how do I apply?
Add this and a hundred other big and small things to think about on top of your everyday work, and the chances are there will be times when your stress levels will rise more than you bargained for.
Meanwhile, the other option would be to leave this stress for someone who will take care of it for you in a time and cost effective manner, because they are familiar with these particular problems.

Professional solutions

At Wulff Entre, each project is assigned its own project manager, which means a customer can be sure that someone is personally responsible for taking care of the above-mentioned questions and all the rest, and that the stand turns out exactly as agreed.
Our cooperation with a great number of constructors around the world ensures that we can offer our customers high-quality, cost effective solutions for trade fair construction on all inhabited continents.
As a side note: I think it is clear enough that the efficiency theory mentioned above should not be read too literally. One cannot overlook the utility derived from variation as a motivational factor – who would conclude that a person who likes knitting but is not very fast at it should always buy their woollen socks at a store, and then use the time saved for doing more work, with which they can earn more money to buy more knitted clothes?
I am under the impression that for many people, participating at a trade fair is a nice, exciting event – a perfect chance to get some variation to the everyday work. Well, the bottom line is, the exhibiting itself is the part that Wulff Entre does not propose to take over.
While we are there to support our customers, talking about the company’s products and services will always be what our customers themselves know best (and quite probably the part they will enjoy the most)!
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