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Client: The Swedish Energy Pavilion
Show: Hannover Messe 2019
Location: Hannover, Germany
Stand size: 214.5 m2
Type: Island, custom build

Stand design, project management by Wulff Entre

Challenge from the client:

We had 24 companies exhibiting on energy efficiency solutions, who wanted to showcase their products in an interesting way on one exhibition booth. In order to make the design into reality, we needed to communicate with 60 different associated parties.

The clients requested that we integrate their individual products into the actual context where they would be used while attracting maximum visibility and interest to the stand. The product range was extremely diverse, so incorporating them all in one stand, in a clean way to tell a story that would be immediately clear to the visitor, was challenging.

In addition to the product displays, the design needed to include a formal stage area for onsite presentations to support 3-5 people with equipment, which would then be live-streamed, two private meeting rooms on the second floor, a café area for informal gatherings and entertainment, a big storage room and a good size kitchen to support clients and visitors.

Overall, the challenge was to meet all the needs in a tight space of just over 2,300 sq ft on a relatively small budget. To fit close to 25 companies into that area, so that everyone’s products could be placed in their natural surroundings, and make it look appealing and not overly crowded.


Wulff Entre’s solution:

The customer had the initial idea of an energy city, with tall building block elements and changing rooftop lines you could see from a distance. This thought transformed into our visualization of the old town of Stockholm, with a fun twist.

We challenged the client with a bold and creative design, of a miniature scale cartoon style city- scene, which would be playful and fun, and out of the ordinary. The theme was to be carried throughout the entire booth environment, for all clients and visitors. The intention was to have a lot of exciting things happening to create a memorable visitor experience. The customer was immediately on board with it.

The stand was designed as three miniature scale cartoon city blocks in the middle of a cartoon town, where the products were displayed in their actual use. The eye-catching buildings and prints, together with the decorative and fun elements, were added in a “glued-on” style and created a welcoming backdrop for the discussions about the installed products.

Our goal was to create a warm and fun atmosphere to the booth, which would make the visitors comfortable; this was “the place to be” at the show and instagramable. It was also a huge contrast to the more traditional booths around it and created a lot of interest and eager photographers in the show.