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Client: Fingerprints Cards AB
Show: Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2018
Location: Barcelona, Spain
Stand size: 74,75 m2
Type: Island, custom build, two-story

Stand design, project management by Wulff Entre

Challenges and Solutions:

The project started late, after the stand-related deadlines from the organizer had already passed. The deadline for construction was also about three weeks out at this point. However, the Project Management was done on overtime so that we were able to complete it all on time.

The client desired elements on the stand that required approval from the organizer and had to adhere to strict safety regulations. This meant coming up with creative solutions on how to achieve the desired look, while also fulfilling all technical regulations. For example, the shape of the staircase was modified in order to comply with regulations. However, the larger shape required enabled us to then use the space below as a much-needed built-in storage area.

The client wished for a cozy, homey feeling to the stand while at the same time bringing across a distinctive, clean Scandinavian style. For example, the light wood tones on the floor material and furniture were used to create this look. The client was also looking for a new solution for serving refreshments on the stand in a typical Swedish “Fika” fashion, so we designed a moveable, one of a kind “Fika” cart/trolley for the client.