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Written by Wulff Entre

Wulff Entre Ltd. provides a completely stress-free solution for all local or international trade show needs. We are trade show specialists providing expertise, stand design, and project management services to help our customers save time and effortlessly reach their goals.

We live in a fast pace business environment where the ability to adapt to your customers changing views is critical for the maximization of your products potential.
So, whether you are a manufacturer or a marketer, you know the importance of keeping up with the market trends.

Listed below a few trends that are currently shaping the industry:

  1. These days sustainability is no longer seen as an add-on, but rather as a vital part of business planning. Consumers are becoming more aware of the current environmental issues, and are putting pressure on companies to develop sustainable and ecologically friendly alternatives that allow the use of less, and preferably biodegradable, materials and easy recycling. So, not only are the next generation hybrids supposed to be “Green”, but they should also encourage social consciousness. Here, the past, present and future of the product have become important.
  1. With the health, wellness and fitness sector booming, consumers are becoming increasingly more interested in understanding the health benefits, or potential dangers, of a product. Here, the display of credentials, allowing for consumers to make informed choices, has become important.
  1. People are leading increasingly busy lives and thus the demand for simpler, smaller, lighter and easily disposable packaging has gone up. Here, products that support an on-the-go lifestyle has become important.
  1. With increasing knowledge about origins and manufacturing conditions, consumers have become more demanding in their request for transparency. Here, aiming for higher quality, authenticity and trust in a product or a produce has become important.
  1. As uncertainty still tints our global economy, people are more likely to base their consumption choices on cost-effectiveness, ease and last minute needs, rather than on the past norm of “pantry-loading”. Here, being able to buy “on demand” has become important.
  1. The digital evolution has seen a rise in demand in personal user-experience and apps that support mobile engaged packaging. Here, pre-purchase supply chain insight and RFID technology that allow for easy tracking, have become important.

Upcoming industry events that we are currently promoting:

PacTec 2016, 20-22.9.2016, Helsinki, Finland
Fachpack 2016, 27-29.9.2016, Nürnberg, Germany
Emballage 2016, 14-17.11.2016, Paris, France
Interpack 2017, 4-10.5.2017, Düsseldorf, Germany
Scanpack 2018, 23-26.10.2018, Gothenburg, Sweden

Please contact Ms. Henrietta Åström, at +358 44 714 7415 or, for information on the packaging industry, important events and offer requests!

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