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Wulff Entre Ltd. provides a completely stress-free solution for all local or international trade show needs. We are trade show specialists providing expertise, stand design, and project management services to help our customers save time and effortlessly reach their goals.

The world’s leading trade fair in the oil industry, Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) has been organised in Houston, Texas, every year since 1969. Wulff Entre has been taking Finnish companies to OTC already for decades.
This year, for the first time, Wulff Entre was chosen to organise Norway’s large country pavilion. The pavilion spanned an area of over one thousand square meters and hosted no less than 62 Norwegian oil industry companies, making it our largest project thus far. The ensemble included a two-storey structure housing a 223 square meter restaurant, which employed 15 people and served a total of over 700 plates on each day of the fair.
Besides the Norwegian pavilion, Wulff Entre designed and built two Finland pavilions, as we have done in previous years. 12 Finnish companies exhibited at the pavilions, whose total area was 171,5 square meters.
– OTC is the premier event in our industry, and it is essential for us to be there to meet our clients and cooperation partners. This year, again, the event was very big and we met our visibility and communication goals”, says Deltamarin’s Offshore, Oil & Gas Director Oskari Jaakkola.

Attendance numbers unaffected by the low oil price

The four-day event attracted almost 100 000 visitors from as many as 130 different countries all around the world. The exhibiting companies came from 37 different countries and numbered 2682 in total.
OTC Houston is a highly popular event, a further proof of which is a perpetual waiting list of around 1000 companies wishing to claim their place among the exhibitors.
uutiskuva norja sallakartsu

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