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Written by Wulff Entre

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Organized annually in Düsseldorf, Medica is the world’s biggest event in the healthcare industry, with over 4, 600 exhibitors every year from 66 different countries all over the world. Its history dates back over 40 years, and last year it was visited by 132,226 professionals from over 120 countries. Slightly under half of the visitors were from Europe, while 53% came from countries further away.
This year’s Medica will be held on November 12-15.
The healthcare market continues to grow, and the boom is guaranteed to continue thanks to the rapid increase in the world’s population, growing life expectancy rates, improving health consciousness and, finally, technological advancements. The attractiveness of Asia and developing markets as market areas is undeniable, but there is considerable potential in Europe as well.

Stepping stone to global markets

Medica has traditionally been an important stepping stone for companies aiming at international markets. Yet Medica is an equally important meeting point for the old stagers as well. For many companies, Medica is the main event of the year, where new products are launched, and for some it is the only international event they participate in during the year. Therefore it is no wonder that a lot is invested in it.
Despite having a long history behind it, Medica has not lost its relevance – quite the contrary. Year after year, all halls have been full, and each year there are even more companies wishing to participate than the halls can fit in. This year Wulff Entre is taking over 20 of its client companies to Medica to exhibit their expertise.

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