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Global Exhibitions Day 7 June 2017 Wulff Entre

What is Global Exhibitions Day?

Global Exhibitions Day is a chance to celebrate the exhibition industry and highlight its positive impact on jobs, business, innovation and local investment. People around the world are joining #GED17 to promote and create awareness about the value of exhibitions and to celebrate the people who work in our industry!
Wulff Entre Team Celebrating Global Exhibitions Day 2017 #GED17
Exhibiting at an international trade fair is the most important step to take when you plan to expand your market area. Trade shows have traditionally been the most cost-efficient tool for launching a new product, identifying international demand, building your brand and meeting stakeholders. The best business relations are still built face-to-face.

Exhibitions are the instruments of face-to-face marketing. 80% agree more money is spent after a face-to-face meeting. #GED17 Global Exhibitions Day Wulff EntreFace-to-Face Marketing

Exhibitions are a “Face-to-face” medium, completely bypassing the hindrances of technology and allow you to really get to know your prospects and customers on a more personal level. This helps you inform, create excitement and interest in person, as well as form stronger business partnerships. With relatively low cost, you are able to reach a very large group of people in a very short amount of time.

Visitors are already looking for a solution

Trade Fair visitors are already past the awareness stage of the buyer’s journey, as they have already identified their pain point(s) and are interested in finding the best solution. Trade Shows are a great opportunity to stand out from the crowd, showcase your solution and demonstrate how your product will solve their problems.
A good exhibition stand fulfills many objectives: it supports the exhibiting company’s goals, it is functional, and it draws attention. Not to forget that the stand should also portray the company’s brand in a meaningful way. All these things form a story, which the stand conveys to the trade fair visitors. Read more here about the importance of Standing Out from the Crowd

Exhibitions are Learning Expeditions

For other visitors, trade shows are learning expeditions for ideas and inspiration. They may also attend trade fairs to evaluate if their strategies (and their suppliers) keep up with technological and market developments.
Exhibitors can also learn from competitor observation, and listening to the needs of different market segments which nurtures innovation and market orientation.

Exhibitions Provide Maximum Reach#GED17 Global Exhibitions Day Wulff Entre

Trade Shows create maximum opportunities to reach a particular sector in one place. In a short span of time, many have gathered all in one place, so the opportunity to generate a high number of leads and contracts is high!

Exhibition Industry volume

Annual Figures

  • Exhibiting companies: 4.4 million
  • Exhibitions annually: 31,000 (approx.) – these do not count farmers fairs, fun fairs, etc.
  • Visitors: 260 million

Return on Investment is High

ROI for an exhibition is high. Each 1 € 1$ spent = 2 at the show and 8 after the show! #GED17 Global Exhibitions Day Wulff EntreExhibitions produce high Returns of Investment (ROI). For every 1 € / 1$ spent or invested by a company to exhibit, they can expect to see 2€ / 2$ at the show and a return of 8€ / 8$ after the show!
When a company starts seeking costs savings, budget cuts might often be directed at trade show participation. However, if sales are lagging, it is better to get out and network, sniff out the market and, above all, acquire new contacts.
Creatively executed trade fair participation is always a great opportunity, and it pays off to prepare for it well – if you do, the event stops being perceived as a cost and becomes a direct investment in your company’s business!
Exhibiting at an international trade fair is the most important step to take when you plan to export or to expand your market area. Check out the full article here…

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Global Exhibitions Day – UFI.ORG

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