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Written by Pauliina Sairanen

You have decided to exhibit at the most important trade fair of your industry. You’ve decided on your goals, know your target group and competition inside out. You might even have your elevator pitch prepared! Now is the time to write a design brief to communicate all the details to you stand designer.
How much of this information do you think they already have? To what detail should you go to? A quick recap on the title might give you a hint!
An effective design brief is the single most critical factor in ensuring that your exhibition stand meets your goals and needs. A great design brief goes beyond the basics and provides your designer with all the information needed to surpass your expectations.

Here are a few points to consider on top of the basics that will help you to reach that next level of a master brief:

  1. How do you differ from your competition, what makes you unique?
  2. What is your company like? If you’re not working for Coca-Cola the chances are the designer might not be familiar with your brand image.
  3. What happens on the booth, how do you operate and what are the staff needs?
  4. Knowing your budget guides the designer to the right direction. The designer won’t set their mind on a Ferrari when they know the budget only stretches for a Fiat – or vice versa!
  5. Are there any turn offs? Letting the designer know what you don’t want can save your time, as the designer will know not to design anything you will reject anyway.
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